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MWFA Clubs Claim Victory at State Cup

MWFA Clubs scooped the pool at the State Cup Finals on Sunday with three clubs, Pittwater RSL FC, Forest Killarney FC and Avalon SC, all claiming victory in Grand Finals at Valentine Sports Park. Pittwater RSL came out double winners, claiming the U12 Gir

Quit Before They Do

Did you know the main reason young people quit sport is due to parents pressure or their over emphasis on winning. This takes the fun out of the game for the players. #sparkyourmojo#football#saynotosidelineyelling The Sports Parent Game. Let’s have

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MWFA profile: Chris Wood

CHRIS Wood clearly loves life at Seaforth FC. If he isn’t playing for the men’s MWFA Premier League team, you will find the Englishman barking instructions from the sideline as coach of the women’s senior squad. “It is definitely t

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