Judiciary Reports


DescriptionOFFENCEJudiciary OUTCOMETeam Discipline Points
Judiciary (Wednesday 29 August 2019)
1 player (Seaforth)RED CARD (R7 – second yellow card)Suspended for 1 match1 Team Discipline Point
1 player (St Augustines)RED CARD (R5 – denying goal opportunity)Suspended for 2 matches1 Team Discipline Point
1 players (St Augustines)RED CARD (R4 – Denying goal opportunity)Suspended for 1 match1 Team Discipline Point
1 players (St Augustines)CITATIONSuspended for 4 matches5 Team Discipline Points
1 player (Curl Curl)RED CARD (R2 – Violent conduct)Suspended for 2 matches2 Team Discipline Points
Player (Dee Why)Citation (Bringing the game into Disrepute)Reduced to suspended 4 matches + 8 suspended10 Team Discipline Points
Player (Dee Why) (mistaken Identity)Citation (Bringing the game into Disrepute)Suspended for 6 matches10 Team Discipline Points
Player (Manly Vale)RED CARD (R1 – serious foul play)Reduced to 3 Matches2 Team Discipline Points