Community Coach of the Year: Chris Dolman and Aaron Millard

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Over the last few months, MWFA has been sending our Coach Mentors out to visit all of our clubs to provide coaches with guidance and support with their training sessions, as well as occasional match visits. During this time we have come across several examples of coaches who are doing a really great job.

This week we’d like to acknowledge Chris Dolman and Aaron Millard who coach an U6 team at CC Strikers, and actually recognise them as our Coaches of the Year!

See this video to check out some highlights of their recent training session, as well as some quick interviews with Chris and Aaron. CC Strikers’ CCC Ross Brown also visited the session to provide the guys with support.


MWFA Coach Development Manager Eugene Lawrenz said: “Chris and Aaron are a perfect example of how to approach coaching a younger MiniRoos team. They are enthusiastic, patient, positive and organised. You can see all of the kids are having a great experience at the same time as learning new skills, and this is the most important thing, because it means they will continue being keen to come back every week and every year. Hopefully anyone new to coaching or considering giving it a go will see how these guys approach it, and not only try to emulate them, but also realise that if you have as much fun as they do with it, it is not as hard as you think it might be.

Well done Chris and Aaron, and keep up the good work!

As a ‘thank you’ to Chris and Aaron, MWFA have given the team two sets of mini goals to use at training, so their players can practice scoring even more goals!


MWFA will continue to have Coach Mentors visit training sessions and matches next year, as well as providing support to CCCs at clubs, and organising a wide range of courses and workshops in the pre-season period and during the season. Stay tuned to all of our coaching updates here:



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