Coaching Workshops


MWFA runs a large number of Coach Workshops at various clubs during the winter season. These coach education opportunities compliment official FFA coaching courses, with topics based on feedback received on what coaches would find valuable.

Coaches can attend any and all of these workshops if they wish to, even if they are not a member of the club hosting them.

All workshops will commence at different times. Please check this and ensure you arrive at least 10 minutes early to sign in so the workshops can start and finish on time.


Friday June 246pm to 8pmDefending as a Team:
- Ideal exercises for learning how to work together to protect the goal
- Getting maximum effort from your players
- Working with limited space and numbers
Seaforth (Seaforth Oval)
Tuesday June 283:45pm - 5:15pmTeaching Core Skills:
- Detailed coaching points for all core skills
- Ideal exercises for individual player development
- Comparison of teaching methods
Mosman (Allan Border Oval)
Tuesday June 285:15pm - 6:45pmPlaying Out from The Back:
- Ideal exercises for learning how to play out through pressure
- Teaching good decision making
- Working with limited space and numbers
Mosman (Allan Border Oval)
Monday July 186:30pm - 8:30pmMatch Day Coaching:
- Warm ups, coaching, and sub management
- Formations and set pieces
- Engaging parents and managing staff
Curl Curl (Abbott Road)
Monday July 256:30pm - 8:30pmCreating and Scoring More Goals:
– Ideal exercises for attacking and finishing
– Teaching good technique and decision making
– Managing a wide range of skill levels
Cromer Park


All MWFA Coach Workshops are completely FREE, but registration is required.

See here to register:

It would be appreciate if all participants can bring football boots (ideally) or runners, and appropriate clothing to play football in, just in case they are needed as players on the night.