David Peace


David Peace has lived on the Northern Beaches since 2013, and soon discovered that he needed a community to be a part of. Given football had been a huge vehicle for that in his past growing up in Birmingham in the UK, there was only one place to look for this. He first played for Manly Vale where he discovered like minded people who where venturing on similar journeys in life.

“Football was everything in my formative years and it is what keeps me connected with family and friends all over the world to this day. Being part of a club will automatically give anyone 20 new best mates to go for a beer with and create a connection.” 

As he got older, David realised that he did not have the desire to play any longer, but he did not want to walk away from a game that had given him so much. What would surely be next? To coach of course!

“Along with a close friend, we decided that we would have a greater impact from the sideline and set about getting the team ready for the season. For me, when overseeing a team you fundamentally have to lead a group of people who all share the same common goal with a guideline of principles that you put in place. In a short time we have gained promotion from AL2 to AL1 with the aim to have the club back playing in the Premier League.” 

David attended a Game Training Certificate with MWFA, and then subsequently joined the Future Coaches Program in 2021.

“I had no idea what I was sleep-walking into! It is a completely different way of seeing the game from a coaches standpoint to that of a player, but the course gave me the opportunity to be in an environment with other coaches and problem solve situations, challenge our way of thinking, break down barriers and create a network of great people who all love the game. It gave me the confidence and reassurance that I am not expected to know all the answers as a coach just because I have played the game all my life. I had to see it as starting again and having a growth mindset to be open and learn. Knowledge comes from experience, which therefore breeds confidence in one’s own ability, and I also took away the insight of the people in the room.”  

Attending Future Coaches set the foundations for David to feel like he was thriving when he attended the C-Licence course earlier this year.

“It has really lit a fire in me to learn more and never stop developing and self-reflecting on my coaching pathway. Long term I am looking to gain as much experience as I can as a coach and I’m excited to be a part of the development process with younger boys and girls within the game across Australia as well. The work and structure that has been created in the background is there to help this great country thrive in the world game.” 


MWFA is looking forward to seeing David continue to progress and grow as a coach.

Look out for more articles on other MWFA Future Coaches over the coming months.



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