MWFA Coach Mentor: Gregor Agic

Gregor Agic


For the 2022 season, MWFA Coach Development Manager Eugene Lawrenz and several Coach Mentors will be visiting MWFA clubs over the next few months to support coaches at their training sessions with their teams, and occasionally matches too. This is to provide coaches with direct assistance ‘on the job’ as a compliment to the courses and workshops we offer, as well as provide ongoing learning opportunities in a realistic setting. 

Training support and guidance is by far the most popular request from coaches in terms of what they feel would benefit them the most in their role, and these Coach Mentors will allow us to have a greater reach in terms of the number of coaches we can directly assist, as well as support CCCs (Club Coaching Coordinators). A detailed schedule of club visits has been put together and these have already been happening for several weeks, while MWFA will also be delivering parent education workshops at several clubs as part of these visits.


Gregor Agic joins MWFA coming from an education and fitness background, and has a love for nutrition and exercise.

He has been involved with football in many different ways, playing for nearly 25 years locally and even representing Australia internationally in the 55th World Club U/20 Youth tournament in Via Reggio, Italy back in 2003.

Gregor was a participant in MWFA’s Future Coaches Program in 2021 and is planning to do his C-Licence later this year. He has also been delivering community coaching courses with MWFA since the beginning of 2022.

He has a passion for coaching and currently works with several teams at Curl Curl. His goals are to be a mentor and to assist with the development of current and future football coaches and players.


For more information about coach development and support in MWFA, including courses, workshops and resources, please see the coaching section of our website:



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