Forest Killarney Turns 60!

220226_MWFA M-PL Playoff Forest Killarney v Manly Vale (48 of 246)

Entering the Manly Warringah Football Association (MWFA) competition in 1962 with only two teams, an U8 and an U10, Forest Killarney Football Club was born.

Like many clubs at the start of their lives Forest Killarney began with mothers sewing together playing shirts for their children. They shared Forestville Oval with the rugby union club, which we now know as Melwood Oval.

However, the oval looked very different to the synthetic fields we see today. With tree roots and rocky patches covering Forestville Oval it took the work of the Forest Killarney members to seed the oval and plant trees around the perimeter to make it playable.

In 1963 the club grew to 11 teams and in 1964 the first full committee of 11 members was formed as the club grew to 15 teams.

Continuing to grow and grow Forest Killarney became the largest club in the MWFA in 1966 with 23 teams and approximately 300 players.

That year they also welcomed former Arsenal and England B player Gordon Nutt as the first club coach.

As 1967 rolled around the club was deemed too big, leading to the creation of Wakehurst Football Club.

Despite the addition of another club in the area Forest Killarney continued to grow in 1969 with 32 teams and so the decision was made to have another split and so Killarney Heights Soccer Club was formed.

The numbers kept moving the right direction with Forest Soccer Club fielding 33 teams in 1977, however the following years would see the club’s numbers rise and fall.

As the numbers continued to fluctuate Forest and Killarney felt it was time to re-join forces and so in 1993 Forest Killarney Football Club was reborn.

Since then, the club has continued to grow especially in their women’s and sub-junior teams.

2009 saw the first Forest Killarney Women’s Premier League squad, who exceeded all expectations, winning the league and making it to the quarter final of Champion of Champions league. Whilst in 2010 their under 11 division 1 team were crowned NSW Champion of Champions.

Fast forward to 2022, their 60th year, and Forest Killarney managed to fight their way back into the men’s premier league competition, a great way to celebrate a milestone year. However, this is not the only celebration for the club.

Forest Killarney president Giuseppe Guerrera said they are holding many events to celebrate the milestone.

“It is really about getting in touch with the community and the history of the club, it is a milestone for everyone to celebrate.” Guerrera said.

“We have special merchandise for people to purchase as well as charity events, sponsorship events and community club membership events scheduled throughout the season.

“One notable event will be the end of season dinner dance that we are organising at the Manly Pacific, which is something to look forward to.”

After 60 years of growing and developing Forest Killarney now look to what they can achieve in the next 60 years.

“If the club is able to develop football players and be a force within the community that will be an achievement for the next 60 years.” Guerrera said.

Happy 60th birthday Forest Killarney!


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