Upcoming Coach Workshop: Match Day Coaching

match day coaching workshop


There are still several MWFA Coach Workshops on different dates, topics and locations available over the next few weeks, including one at Cromer Park on Monday May 2 which will cover the popular and important topic of how to effectively approach coaching on match day.

These coach education opportunities aim to provide ongoing guidance and advice throughout the season, and to compliment official FFA coaching courses, with topics based on feedback received on what coaches would find valuable.


Wednesday March 136:30pm - 8:30pmPre-Season Training
- Developing fitness for football
- Preparing for Round 1 with limited sessions
- Getting maximum effort from your players
Cromer Park
Monday March 256pm - 9pmPositioning / Spreading Out / Teamwork:
- Ideal exercises for playing with width, switching play etc
- Teaching good decision making
- Working with limited space and numbers
Cromer Park
Monday April 296pm - 9pmMatch Day Coaching:
- Warm ups, coaching, and sub management
- Formations and set pieces
- Engaging parents and managing staff
Cromer Park
Monday May 206pm - 8pmCreating and Scoring More Goals:
– Ideal exercises for attacking and finishing
– Teaching good technique and decision making
– Managing a wide range of skill levels
Lionel Watts (Wakehurst)
Monday May 276pm - 8pmPlaying Out from The Back:
- Ideal exercises for learning how to play out through pressure
- Teaching good decision making
- Working with limited space and numbers
Kitchener Park (Pittwater)
Wednesday May 296pm - 9pmInvolving / Including Goalkeepers:
– Managing goalkeepers in a full squad
– MiniRoos goalkeeper development
– Goalkeeper specific skill tips
Cromer Park
Wednesday June 126:30pm - 8:30pmDefending as a Team:
- Ideal exercises for learning how to work together to protect the goal
- Getting maximum effort from your players
- Working with limited space and numbers
Dee Why Oval (Dee Why)
Wednesday July 315pm - 7pmKeeping Players Engaged:
- How to make training fun
- Maximising limited training time
- Behaviour management
LM Graham Reserve (Brookvale)
Thursday August 16pm - 8pmTraining with Intensity:
- Football based injury prevention
- Developing fitness for football
- Getting maximum effort from your players
St Matthews Farm (CC Strikers)

MWFA also has several official FFA coaching courses available over the next couple of months, offering coaches the opportunity to develop their skills and pick up some ideas to help organise fun, safe and engaging training sessions. This includes a MiniRoos Certificate at Pittwater, and a Skill Training Certificate and Game Training Certificate, both at Cromer Park.

See here for more details: https://www.mwfa.com.au/coaching-courses/







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