A ‘Downs’ Right Rivalry

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Like many in our footballing community the love of the round ball game is shared throughout families, however for the Downs family this love has led to rivalry.

Last Friday night saw a family divided when the two Downs sons competed against one another in the Under 18 division one competition.

This was the first time the two sons have stood opposite each other on a football pitch, putting poor old dad in the middle.

Captaining the Narrabeen 18/1 Gully Downs faced his older brother, Zac, who took his place between the posts for CC Strikers.

Their father, Jake Downs, felt the tension rising between his sons saying “the banter began as soon as the draw was released.

“Both brothers had been circling the date of this much anticipated show down”.

Managing the Narrabeen and son Gully’s side, Jake Downs held his breathe throughout the game, hoping for a draw.

Talks of bets had been thrown around, however Dad knew that no good would come from that.

“The game began very well for both teams, approaching half time, the score was locked at 1 all, a perfect result for the parents of Zac and Gully!” Jake Downs said.

The tension continued to grow until the more experienced team prevailed, as Jake Downs put it.

CC Strikers ran away, dominating their opposition to finish the game with a final score of 7-1.

As the final whistle blew no tension was lost and it was a quiet house for the Downs family on Friday night.

However, come Saturday morning the brothers were nearly back on speaking terms and are now both ready for their next games tonight.


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