Meritorious Service Award – Josephine Sloots

Jo Sloots

Manly Warringah Football Association would like to congratulate Josephine (Jo) Sloots on receiving the MWFA’s Meritorious Service Award for her ongoing dedication and commitment that she has devoted to Saint Augustines football and her endless support she has provided the club.

Jo is a volunteer parent who holds a wide range of positions on the Saints Football Committee. Primarily her role started in 2018 as Registrar, but Jo’s enthusiastic and caring approach to football at Saints has seen her take on roles on both the Senior and Junior committees. She was instrumental in setting up and now running the St Augustine’s Football Facebook and Instagram sites and liaising with Coaches, Managers, and the College for weekly content.

An expert in Dribl and previously iCompman Jo goes to extraordinary lengths to ensure everyone is conversant with their use. She avails herself 24/7 to answer questions including coming along to games where managers are having problems.

At the start of each year Jo can be seen down at gradings, giving out bibs, answering parents’ questions, ensuring that all is taken care of, and we have things in order. A great first impression with new parents is important at gradings!

Jo ensures that all coaches and managers have her phone number and is their reference point for borrowed players and playing rules. Jo also takes it upon herself to be a reference point for any injury claims and actually makes house calls to assist with form completion.

Manager of her youngest sons junior team Jo also then supports her oldest son in the afternoons whilst taking numerous football phone calls throughout the day.

Jo passionately and persuasively involves herself in recruiting coaches and managers for teams, at times providing lower division teams with two Managers and two Coaches.

As if Jo doesn’t have enough to do, she donates an enormous amount of time and energy into fundraising. Her achievements and ideas in organising and running thoroughly enjoyable evenings, not to mention raising significant funds to help football are just outstanding. Anyone who has run such an event understands the enormous amount of time and effort this takes.

St Augustine’s College feel so fortunate to have a person of Jo’s calibre on their team and are extremely thankful for her and her family for their support, understanding and encouragement as she volunteers so much of her time and effort for the love of Saints’ football.


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