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The MWFA and our 17 clubs are dedicated to providing a safe, inclusive and friendly environment for all players, from the age of 6 through to over 45s, to enjoy their football.


We are united in our desire to protect the true essence of grassroots sport.


Ahead of the start of the junior competitions this weekend, the MWFA and clubs would like to remind all players and their parents/spectators, to “Let the Kids Play” and support our commitment to provide an enjoyable football experience.


Over recent years the MWFA and the 17 clubs, your club, have been operating a Team Discipline Point system, which is designed to offer warnings for teams and clubs and punishment for teams (and parents/spectators) that misbehave.


Offences against match officials are the most serious offences – and punished as such.


Last year a number of teams (junior and senior teams) were withdrawn from the competition due to poor behaviour, which also included the behaviour of parents and spectators on the sidelines.


In May, the MWFA will also promote the NSW Government Office of Sport’s “Shoosh for Kids” campaign.


Below is the process for teams receiving points, warnings, losing competition points and in extreme circumstances – withdrawal from the competition and an explanation of what offences carry Team Discipline Points.


MWFA Team Disciplinary Points (process)


  1. a) For each team in the MWFA competitions, disciplinary points will be applied for offences by players, team officials and spectators and accumulated over the season.


  1. b) Nominated Offences carry a number of demerit points which are accumulated to the team. The MWFA will provide a list of all offences and penalties each season.


  1. c) As the team accumulates points over the season sanctions are applied against the team according to the number of disciplinary points accumulated.
  • Stage 1 – First Warning

When a team accumulates a given number of disciplinary points the team is given a warning including what may constitute further action.


  • Stage 2 – Loss of Match Points

When a team accumulates a further number of disciplinary points the team loses three competition points and, at the discretion of the MWFA , may also be required to forfeit their next Fixture.


  • Stage 3 – Team Withdrawal

When a team accumulates the maximum allowed number of disciplinary points the team is withdrawn from the competition for the rest of the season. Team expulsion will only occur after the team and its Club have appeared before the  MWFA Board and have failed to show reasonable cause why they should not be withdrawn. In the case the team is withdrawn all players from the team will not be permitted to play for another team for the rest of the season.


  1. d) The table below shows accumulated disciplinary point limits for reaching these three stages.


Accumulated Team PointsFirst WarningLoss of Three Match PointsTeam Withdrawal
All Open Competitions run as squads182636
O35/45 teams91318
U/15-AL single teams91318



Offence Code Detailed Breakdown

offences by participants

Team Disciplinary Points
R1 Serious Foul PlayGeneral Range2
Violent Tackle from behind that endangers the safety of an opponent2
Rugby Tackle2
Violent Charging2
Over the Ball Tackle2
 General Range2-5
R2 Violent ConductHead Butting5
Punching / Fighting2-5
Elbowing to the head2
Elbowing to the body2
R3 SpittingSpitting at an opponent or any other person5
R4 Deny Goal Scoring OpportunityHandball1
R5 Deny Goal Scoring OpportunityHolding, tripping or impeding1
R6 Using Offensive or Insulting or Abusive Language and/or GesturesUsing offensive, intimidating, insulting or abusive language and/or gestures2
Making offensive, intimidating, insulting or abusive gestures2
Indecent Actions2
R7 Second CautionSecond Caution in the same match.1
Offence Code  

Detailed Breakdown

Offences by Participants against Match Officials


TD Points
R2 Violent ConductThreatening or intimidating a Match Official by word or action10
Tripping a Match Official10
Pushing with an open hand,

shoulder or hip


Striking with the ball or other object


Punching, Kicking or elbowing

R3 SpittingSpitting10


Uses offensive, insulting or abusive language and/or gestures against or about Match Officials5
Non offence code incidentsDetailed Breakdown Other offences by ParticipantsTD Points
(k) Inciting the crowd10
(l) Attacking or fighting with spectators10
(m) Bringing the Game into disrepute10
(n)  Deliberately misleading the Disciplinary Committee or any other tribunal10
(o)  Spitting at or onto spectators10
(p)  Failure to provide a safe environment for Participants or to maintain public order at a Match.10
(q)  Other offences by players or Team Officials as specified in Match Official Report10
 Excessive Cautions 5/Match/Team1
 Breach of the Code of Conduct by an Official5
 Breach of Code of Conduct by Team Spectators2-10



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