23 Senior Coaches Raise The Bar with MWFA



Another FFA C-Licence course has been completed in MWFA, with 23 senior coaches undertaking 7 days of intense education. It was a big challenge for everyone, but also a lot of fun with a lot of learning taking place, which they will now be able to pass on to their players and also other coaches.

The majority of participants were from within MWFA, with a good spread across several clubs, including 2020 Female Scholarship winners Tess McGrath and Sai van Wegen, and 6 coaches from the 2019 Future Coaches Program.



“It was a demanding but awesome course that significantly exceeded my expectations in terms of structure, knowledge and quality of delivery. For me it was equal parts enlightening and inspirational to experience first hand the commitment of FNSW and MWFA to driving world class coach development at all levels of the game.

And as a passionate lover of football, it also gave me a lot of confidence in the robustness of the underlying approach, directionally where FFA are taking things, and the quality of the people seeking to drive this change.  

Congrats to Eugene Lawrenz from MWFA, Drew Taylor & Chris Adams from FNSW – this is a fantastic foundation course that should be celebrated, with huge value being provided. Brilliant!”

  • Greg Chipman (Wakehurst)


MWFA would like to wish all of these coaches the best with their coaching moving forward, and commend them for their commitment to the never ending process of learning and personal development.


MWFA will be hosting another FFA/AFC Youth C-Licence coaching course in February 2021.

See here for more information: https://www.mwfa.com.au/2020/10/20/mwfa-to-host-another-youth-c-licence-in-february-2021/ 




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