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With more than 400 coaches attending official coaching courses in MWFA this year, 2019 was a very successful season for coach development.

As both a compliment to official coaching courses, and as a way to support, capture and encourage more coaches to undertake official accreditation, MWFA held 6 coach workshops at Cromer Park this season, along with 12 others based at various clubs. Combined with the Coaching Expo held in pre-season, this catered to almost 300 additional coaches.

The most recent of these workshops covered pros and cons of different approaches to pre-season training, and participants also developed pre-season training plans for teams from different age groups and levels. Key messages to take away included achieving fitness through intense but football based training, aiming for quality over quantity of training, and carefully managing the workload of junior players if they are involved in a lot of competitive sport on a weekly basis.

Previous topics were determined based on feedback collected from coaches at the beginning of the season, and included how to teach skill, how to keep training fun, match day coaching and formations, warm ups, involving/including goalkeepers, trials/grading and dealing with pressure. All of these were very well received, as were the ones held at MWFA clubs.

“The presentation and style was exceptional and I must admit the component that was most impressive was how to deal with the players headspace without actually telling them what to do. The workshop gave just the right amount of information to process before trying to put a plan in place to implement the ideas.”

  • Gavin White

Look out for more of these workshops next season at both Cromer Park and your local club. MWFA has one more official coaching course available before the end of the year for anyone looking to start their coaching journey, or any coaches keen gain new ideas and skills during the quieter off-season period.

Skill Training Certificate,Sunday December 8

9:00am to 4:00pm at Cromer Park

Register here:


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