MWFA recently ran a workshop for coaching course presenters in the association. Attendees included current and prospective course presenters, CCCs from several clubs, and most coaches involved in the Future Coaches Program.

The content covered on the night focussed on creating a positive learning environment, as well as how to approach delivering a practical workshop on the pitch that best engages and involves the participants, and supports them with their needs and challenges. The objective is to help as many clubs as possible have people such as CCCs who are capable and confident in delivering events like this, whether informal or formal, so that coach development opportunities can become even more convenient and frequent. These workshops would complement those run by MWFA.

For more information about CCC program, please see here:

MWFA has one more official coaching course available before the end of the year for anyone looking to start their coaching journey, or any coaches keen to gain new ideas and skills during the quieter off-season period.

Skill Training Certificate,Sunday December 8

9:00am to 4:00pm at Cromer Park

Register here:


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