MWFA profile: Alison Reveyrand


LIKE so many parents at different MWFA clubs, Alison Reveyrand was roped into helping out when it came to the committee.

Initially she eyed off an age co-ordinator role at CC Strikers once her son Remy registered, but with that role filled, she took on the vacant position as the club’s roving secretary.

“I didn’t really know what to expect, but I quickly discovered it is a fairly important position,” the mother of two said.

“It involves basically being the ‘mailbox’ for the club, every time there is a late field change from the under-6s up you need to notify the relevant team manager as quick as possible.

“With games so early on Saturday mornings, my phone tends to go off from 7am.

“It is interesting to be involved in what happens behind the scenes.”

Football is a family affair when it comes to the Reveyrand’s.

Remy (under-14s) and Jesse (under-11s) are regular faces at St Matthews Farm, while Alison’s husband represents BTH Raiders.

“Football has always been big in our house,” she said.

“With three Arsenal fans and me being a huge Spurs fan, the next few days will be interesting with the Europa League and then the UEFA Champions League finals.

“Hopefully we can both win.”

Alison is the current competition secretary for CC Strikers and away from football works for Westpac.


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