Coach Education Workshops Continue To Be A Hit


This week saw an action packed schedule of coach development sessions across the MWFA. Coach Development Manager Christopher Adams held three workshops across the region kicking off with Mondays centralised workshop at Cromer Park which centred on SAP and the coaching behaviours that are essential when working in this age group. The week then rolled on with seperate club based workshops at Narrabeen FC and Curl Curl. These workshops where themed around coaching ALDI MiniRoos aged players 6-9 and creating a Fun, Safe and Engaging environment for the boys and girls in this age group.

The key principles of these workshops is to make coach education accessible to all coaches and to take education to them at their own club in their own environment. Alex Brazette who is the Club Coach Coordinator (CCC) at Curl Curl FC praised the workshops being taken direct to clubs “For us at Curl Curl to host workshops like this really helps us as a club to create a good coaching culture with coaches being able to mix and learn alongside their fellow Curl Curl coaches, because it is in a familiar environment down at Abbot it also makes it a friendlier environment for first time coaches who may be intimidated by heading to Cromer Park for a coaching course where they may not know anybody else in attendance”

Adams reiterated these thoughts and stressed the importance that these workshops have on coaches “the large majority of our registered coaches will be volunteer Mums, Dads or older brothers and sisters who may not have the time to attend a 14 hour formal coaching course due to their already busy schedules. These workshops look to offer quick educational snippets throughout the season to give coaches the tools to help their players and for the majority reinforce the good job they are all currently doing”

If you missed Mondays workshop dont panicClick Here to view a snippet of the session.

Throughout the workshops MWFA club based players were used for the model sessions and the MWFA would like to thank the players and parents from the teams at Narrabeen and Curl Curl for participating in these workshops.



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