MWFA CEO Profile – David Mason

david mason

HE HAS been in the role less than a week, but Dave Mason is already a very happy man.

The new Chief Executive Officer of Manly United and the Manly Warringah Football Association is “encouraged and delighted” about the level of enthusiasm for football in the area after putting his administrative hat on early Monday morning.

“Already in my day to day conversations with clubs, the people involved are great,” Mason said.

“The level of passion is fantastic.

“I attended the forum on Monday for the future of the women’s Premier League and some of the ideas and discussions were very good.”

Despite it obviously being early days for Mason, he hasn’t encountered any major surprises.

“There are challenges and issues which need to be addressed, but I would be worried if there wasn’t,” he said.

“Once we achieve growth in certain key areas, things will keep rolling from there.

“The fact I have been part of the Association for 35 odd years (as a player and parent) has helped, I would like to think I know what changes need to be implemented going forward.”

With the 2017 season winding up, Mason is working towards next year.

“The staff have done a fantastic job,” he said.

“There isn’t a need to change many major things.

“My focus is having a significant imprint on the 2018 season at all levels.”



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