Q & A with Taylor Wilmot

Avalon junior Taylor Wilmot plays for Manly United’s Girls Youth League U14 team, and this is her second season with Manly. Taylor will be busy over the next couple of weeks – she’s been selected in an Invitational squad for this week’s National Youth Championships, and next week she’ll play in the NAIDOC Cup as part of the Football NSW U14 squad!

We did a short Q & A with Taylor and asked her about her footballing experiences.


Position: Goalkeeper

Why do you like playing for Manly United?: I like playing for Manly United because of my teammates, my coaches and the team environment that Manly United create.

How did you feel when you found out you were selected for the National Youth Championship and the NAIDOC Cup teams?: When I found out I was selected for the National Youth Championship team, I was so excited and happy to get to play in Melbourne. When I got into the NAIDOC Cup team, I was super excited to play with a new team, and learn from both the experience and the coaches.

What do you like most about playing in your position?: I like playing goalie because I’m the only one who can use my hands while playing.

You will be playing at The Home Of The Matildas when you play in the National Youth Championship. What are you looking forward to most when you get there? I’m looking forward to playing & training at the same place as the Matildas, and getting to see the facility.

Is this the first time you have travelled outside of Sydney for a tournament? I have played a national futsal tournament in Queensland, and played games in both Nowra & Wollongong. However, this is the first tournament I have played in Melbourne.

What are you looking forward to most about the whole experience? What I’m most looking forward to about this tournament is travelling with new people and staying with them for a week or so, as well as meeting and learning from new coaches. Most importantly, I’m looking forward to learning from the experience and improving as a player.


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