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MWFA is pleased to be able to confirm that we are now accepting requests for training session and match day mentoring.

This was very popular and well received last year, with 200 coaches from all different age groups and levels taking advantage of the opportunity to get support and learn from our experienced Coach Development team. The group is headed by MWFA Coach Development Manager Eugene Lawrenz, and includes Gregor Agic, James Mitchell, Marilinda Winter, Catriona Ormond, Gareth Banks and Patty Faria.

The purpose of these visits will be to help coaches learn and develop their coaching ‘on the job’ with their actual teams, so we can help them come up with solutions to their specific challenges, while this also complements coaching courses as it provides ongoing learning and follow-up support.

“We had a mentor visit our training last season and couldn’t have wished for anything more. I got so much out of the session, as did the girls. It was really positive, refreshing and insightful. I think really highly of the whole MWFA Coach Development team, and fully intend to use their services as much as we can! Their enthusiasm is infectious and inspiring to us all.”

– Neil Sheard (Allambie Beacon Hill W15 Coach)


Coaches can make a request using either of the links below. We just ask that they read the information about how the visits will work carefully, so they have an understanding of what to expect and how we can help them.

Training Mentoring:

Match Mentoring:


We will also be adding several new coaching courses and workshops to our Coach Development schedule in the next few days. Please stay tuned here for updates:



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