21 Local Coaches Complete the FA C-Diploma



MWFA recently hosted another C-Diploma coaching course, with 21 local coaches in attendance across 5 full days.

The course was presented by MWFA Coach Development Manager Eugene Lawrenz and FNSW Technical Director Warren Grieve, along with appearances by special guests Jake Stephenson (NSFA), Chris Adams (FNSW), and David Plowright (Sydney FC).

The course focused teaching the technical aspects of the game, principles of play, and various practice and coaching methodology.

“I hadn’t been on a formal coaching course for some time so I was quite apprehensive, but the environment created by the coach educators was one that encouraged us to improve and develop our coaching skills. The other participants also helped greatly to make the overall experience a very positive one with their support of each other. I have found that my depth of knowledge has increased significantly and I am really looking forward to putting what I learnt into practice this season and continuing with my development as a coach.”

– Paul Midgley (Narrabeen)

“Having coached for many years I was keen to further my knowledge. The course was a fantastic experience not only in terms of organisation but also the opportunity to learn from a wide range of fellow coaches responsible for an array of age groups. Eugene and the team promoted and encouraged thinking outside the square, inclusive learning and a non-judgemental environment. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and can’t wait to go to the next level.”

– Nick Vince (Manly Vale)

“It’s always great to support the development of coaches who are motivated to raise their bar and give their players the best possible football experience.” said Lawrenz. “In turn, my responsibility is to give the coaches the best experience possible when they come through these courses in terms of not only what they learn being as valuable and relevant as possible, but also the learning environment being positive, collaborative, and supportive. Our job across the country is to inspire these coaches, so they can inspire their players.” 

Eugene added: “I want to give all of the coaches who attended this most recent C-Diploma credit for their efforts, willingness to get out of their comfort zones, and desire to improve. I’m confident they will do a great job, and I wish them the best of luck with their coaching moving forward.”


MWFA has a large number of coaching courses and workshops still available during the pre-season and early season period. Please see here: https://www.mwfa.com.au/coach-development-calendar/ 

MWFA will likely host another C-Diploma after the upcoming winter season.



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