Coach of the Week: Michele Addelio

This week we'd like to acknowledge Michele Addelio who coaches the U9 Blue Tongues at Beacon Hill, who is assisted by Matt Bealey.

Over the last few months, MWFA has been sending our Coach Mentors out to visit all of our clubs to provide coaches with guidance and support with their training sessions, as well as occasional match visits. During this time we have come across several examples of coaches who are doing a really great job.

This week we’d like to acknowledge Michele Addelio who coaches the U9 Blue Tongues at Beacon Hill, who is assisted by Matt Bealey.

See this video to check out some highlights of their recent training session, as well as some quick interviews with both coaches and some of the kids!

MWFA Coach Development Manager Eugene Lawrenz said: “Michele and Matt both have a lot of enthusiasm when they run their training sessions, which is really good for keeping the kids engaged, as well as when they teach them how to improve their skills. Michele’s also good at demonstrating which is helps the players understand what to do visually, plus he uses Q&A and a whiteboard quite well to help them problem solve. The most important thing though is Michele is very open to learning, and always proactive in trying to expand his own knowledge and skills. This is great to see, because he recognises that the better he can get as a coach, the better his players can become, and this is something every coach should be mindful of.

Well done Michele and Matt, and keep up the good work!

As a reward and recognition for their efforts, we are also pleased to provide the team with a few special gifts:

  • extra training balls, because every coach wishes they had more balls to use so they can do exercises where every player has a ball each to work on their control
  • mini goals, because scoring into actual goals always makes training more fun, and finishing is a skill we should encourage players to develop ever more
  • a whiteboard, so coaches can help players understand their positions and how to support each other visually, which is much more effective than just using words


Next week, we will announce our MWFA Coaches of the Year, so stay tuned to our website to see who they are!


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