Coach of the Week: Angie Smith

Over the last few months, MWFA has been sending our Coach Mentors out to visit all of our clubs to provide coaches with guidance and support with their training sessions, as well as occasional match visits. During this time we have come across several examples of coaches who are doing a really great job.

This week we’d like to acknowledge Angie Smith who coaches the W8 Fire Dragons at Brookvale.

See this video to check out some highlights of their recent training session, as well as some quick interviews with both her and some of the girls!

MWFA Coach Development Manager Eugene Lawrenz said: “Angie is a really good coach for young girls, very patient and positive, and she makes everything a lot of fun and there is always a lot of action. She is also good at asking questions and getting them engaged in the session. Despite her players being quite young and new to the game, she still does a lot of exercises with some form of opposition and competition in them too, which creates problem solving scenarios and helps the players develop their individual decision making abilities. Obviously finding the right level of difficulty and challenge is important so success is still achievable for them, but it is nice to see her developing their skills in this way rather than through isolated and more boring drills, which is something a lot of coaches can learn from her.

Well done Angie, and keep up the good work!

As a reward and recognition for her efforts, we are also pleased to provide the team with a few special gifts:

  • extra training balls, because every coach wishes they had more balls to use so they can do exercises where every player has a ball each to work on their control
  • mini goals, because scoring into actual goals always makes training more fun, and finishing is a skill we should encourage players to develop ever more
  • a whiteboard, so coaches can help players understand their positions and how to support each other visually, which is much more effective than just using words


Over the next few weeks we will be highlighting some other coaches from different clubs, so make sure you stay tuned to our website to see who else will be MWFA Coach of the Week.


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