MWFA Coach Mentor: Catriona Ormond


For the 2023 season, MWFA Coach Development Manager Eugene Lawrenz and several Coach Mentors have again been visiting MWFA clubs to support coaches at their training sessions with their teams, and occasionally matches too. This is to provide coaches with direct assistance ‘on the job’ as a compliment to the courses and workshops we offer, as well as provide ongoing learning opportunities in a realistic setting. 

Training support and guidance is by far the most popular request from coaches in terms of what they feel would benefit them the most in their role, and these Coach Mentors will allow us to have a greater reach in terms of the number of coaches we can directly assist, as well as supporting CCCs (Club Coaching Coordinators) in their roles.


Catriona Ormond has played in MWFA since 2008, mostly with Wakehurst and more recently Seaforth. She initially started coaching after finishing High School, and then more recently fell back into it when her son’s U11 team didn’t have a coach.

These experiences piqued her curiosity to get more educated when it came to coaching, and so she started attending MWFA coaching courses to understand the modern coaching methods for youth development.

From there, Catriona started working in the Manly United Development program, firstly in the mixed side, before moving into the women’s program. She currently coaches a couple of teams at Seaforth and was a participant in MWFA’s Future Coaches Program, along with having completed her C- Licence.

Catriona is passionate about giving all females the opportunity to receive excellent football coaching. She’d like to encourage female coaches and coaches of females to develop themselves and educate themselves on how females might respond more to different coaching methods.


For more information about coach development and support in MWFA, including courses, workshops and resources, please see the coaching section of our website:



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