Defibs installed at MWFA grounds

Defibs were installed at Dee Why Oval (left), John Fisher Park (right) and five other MWFA grounds. Images supplied by Terry Gatward.

Last month, defibs (defibrillators) were installed at seven local grounds to improve player safety. These defibrillators are permanently monitored and will be available at all times. We spoke to Manly Warringah Football Association Director Terry Gatward about this initiative.

“We applied for and received some government grants for permanent, monitored defibs. These change the need for us to have volunteers put out portable defibs every game. Previously, on training nights and other times there were no defibs at these locations, so now there’s always-monitored defibs available at these grounds. It just ups the coverage of defib availability, without relying on a volunteer to put it out.”

The new defibrillators were installed at Beacon Hill Reserve, Dee Why Oval, John Fisher Park (Abbott Road), St Matthews Farm Reserve, Seaforth Oval, Terrey Hills Oval and Wyatt Reserve.

“We actually applied for 16 locations, we got approval for seven. The choices were made by the New South Wales State MPs for this area.”

MWFA would like to thank Staying Alive Health ( for supplying and installing these defibrillators. To further heart health awareness amongst local clubs, Staying Alive Health will run training courses over the next month. Gatward is grateful for the support that has been provided.

“We’ve had defibs deployed at every game for about six years now. This just extends the coverage to training at these grounds and also builds on the Gala Day that we had earlier in the year.”


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