Be Heart Healthy for 2023. Photo credit: Football NSW

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The health and wellbeing of football participants is the highest priority for all involved in the game and Football NSW is encouraging players to complete heart health checks as the 2023 community season gets underway.

Getting your car serviced and attaining a pink slip is something most of us action on a regular basis to ensure our cars stay on the road. Despite our health being vastly more important, many of us fail to get regular check-ups, potentially putting ourselves at risk.  

Sport is something everyone in the community should have the ability to participate in without risk of major health issues and Football NSW is urging all players over 35 years of age to take a simple heart health check ahead of the season. At the very least, it can provide peace of mind to your family and friends. 

Key takeaways

  • Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading single cause of disease, burden and death in Australia and the world for both men & women
  • Four million Australians have a high chance of having a heart attack, sudden cardiac arrest, or stroke in the next five years. Many are unaware of this risk. 
  • Regular heart health checks with your GP help you better understand your risk of a heart attack, sudden cardiac arrest, or stroke in the next five years. DON’T DELAY, GO TODAY

Football NSW’s Head of Competitions Troy McColl and Head of Community Aaron Dibdin will both be taking to the playing field in 2023 with an all clear from their local GP.

“For the first time, I’ll be going into a football season as a father”, said McColl. 

“Having a young family comes with a newfound sense of responsibility around my own health and I owe it to them to ensure I have a clean bill of health for the season ahead. 

“I’d encourage any over 35 players, from football or any other sport, to book in for a quick consult as soon as possible.” 

In a similar vein, Dibdin felt it was important that Football NSW staff led by example. 

“We run similar campaigns at the start of every season and it’s important that the Football NSW team collectively are acting on our own advice,” he said. 

“Seeing your local GP not only works to identify existing issues but helps to put preventative steps in place to support participation in sport for many years to come.” 

In 2023, Football NSW continues its commitment to raising awareness around Heart Health issues with the introduction of a ‘Heart Health Round’ on the 28-30 April, in conjunction with Heartbeat of Football (HOF). 

Clubs and Associations can register to be involved in the ‘Make It Red’ campaign via the HOF website and explore opportunities to activate locally within the Club Participation Kit.



Go to your GP and get a heart health check-up that includes testing for key modifiable factors, including blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar level. Often heart disease is a genetic issue, so it is always better to know! 

These are what Heartbeat of Football test for at its Heart Health Awareness & Testing Days – book yours today and support your club, community and teammates. They are simple, quick & FREE!

There is no excuse to delay gaining an understanding and being empowered to make positive changes to lower your risk.


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