Ben Whitewolfe has been playing football since he was in the U6 Alligators at Mosman Football Club. He has always devoted himself to football as a player, transitioning into coaching at SCECGS Redlands after leaving school in 2016.

“I played a bit of football there when I was younger and the job fit perfectly with my other commitments in sport and university. It was initially only meant to be for a few years, but now it has completely taken over my life and career, which I am really enjoying.”

In his time at Redlands, Ben has coached kids from Kindergarten through to Year 12 across all levels of ability, developing his coaching skills for all stages of players’ football development. With Redlands being a co-ed school, he has also been able to coach both boys and girls all the way through.

“Coaching at a school where development is the primary focus over results has allowed me to spend time not just working on the kids’ development, but my own process to better deliver my messages. Having the entire season to find what works and what doesn’t meant I was able to sit down and test things each session and find the best answer for each of the squads.”

Trying to build his skill set further, Ben took on roles in the school’s Rowing program and is now the full time Head Coach of the Junior Program at Mosman Rowing Club. Where that has previously taken him away from coaching football in 2022, he is looking to re-engage with coaching football wherever he can.

Football will always be my primary passion, so finding a way to stay involved in the sport is my priority this year and onwards. I am young and excited to explore where a future in coaching can take me.”

Part of this has meant that Ben signed up to be part of the 2022 Future Coaches Program, through which he hopes to develop the skills and confidence to take on more challenging football coaching roles at club level.

“Football is a very complicated game and to teach it to the best players you have to really be all over your own game. I am enjoying the process of building my skills as a coach and taking on roles that fit my ability, but it’s also time, if this is to be my career, to take on roles that will push me to be better.”


MWFA is looking forward to seeing Ben’s progression in the football world and what he is able to accomplish.

Look out for more articles on other MWFA Future Coaches over the coming weeks.



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