Giuseppe Guerrera Awarded the MWFA Meritorious Services Award


At the recent MWFA Annual General Meeting, Giuseppe Guerrera was awarded the MWFA Meritorious Services Award for his services to football in the Manly Warringah area.

Giuseppe joined Forest Killarney in 2009 like most young parents. He quickly joined the coaching ranks in coaching his older son Christopher’s under six team. From this point on he continued with coaching and managing various teams.

In 2015 the then secretary – Adrian Sammons suggested to Giuseppe to join the committee. Giuseppe took on the role as Sub-Junior Coordinator.

Giuseppe was also instrumental in managing one of the first FKFC teams to attend the coveted Kanga Cup International tournament in Canberra.

In 2016 he was the manager of the very first Forest Team to win Kanga Cup in the under 14’s age group. He continued to manage this same team which went on to win two FNSW champion of champions and various MWFA competitions.

Giuseppe has also taken time during the summer to be part the summer soccer sub-committee. FKFC’s summer soccer as a commercial operation and brand has gone to another level. This year Forest summer soccer has hit 250 registered an all-time record. This revenue stream has been an enormous financial boast for the club.

Since his tenure as president, he has worked hard in aligning the clubs core values with that of the MWFA. Particularly in area of sideline spectator conduct and the protection, of match officials.

He has always been supportive of the decisions handed down by the disciplinary committee, even though at times this view has not been shared by members of the club. Giuseppe has always acknowledged the hard work of the MWFA disciplinary committee in curving bad behaviour on the sideline.

He has always made it a point to communicate and reinforce this message to the member base on a regular basis. It has been his mission to help develop a good club culture, as well as a safe and enjoyable playing environment for its members.

Giuseppe has always believed that the club is blessed to have such facilities at its disposal. He has always had the view that the Melwood facilities should not be taken for granted. He has also had a strong view that the Melwood facilities are also beneficial to the wider peninsula footballing community.

During the winter allocation and during inclement weather Giuseppe has worked closely with MWFA in making sure that other clubs get the opportunity to continue to play football by minimising cancelled games.

Giuseppe possesses humane leadership skills. He has empathetic qualities, he is open and honest with people, and can connect and listen to people’s issues always diplomatic in his approach to problem solving.

Giuseppe’s history on the FKFC Committee

  • 2015 Sub Juniors Coordinator
  • 2016 – VP Juniors
  • 2016-18 – Technical Director (During this tenure – FKFC was awarded junior club of the year)
  • 2018 Vice President
  • 2019 – present

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