More MWFA Coaches Push Themselves to C-Licence Level

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14 coaches have been attending the FA C-Licence coaching course that recently concluded at Cromer Park. It was a big challenge but also a lot of fun for everyone, with 7 days of intense learning taking place, which they will now be able to pass on to their players and also other coaches.

The course was presented by MWFA Coach Development Manager Eugene Lawrenz with assistance from Curl Curl Coaching Director Rich Lacey. There was a mix of participants from local MWFA clubs, as well as few coaches from outside of the area, all of whom work with a wide variety of age groups, levels and both male and female players. One of the 2022 Female Scholarship winners Patricia Faria was also on the course.

“After completing the C Licence with Eugene and Rich, I have walked away inspired and more motivated than ever to coach! It both challenged, developed and expanded my knowledge of football in a safe, inclusive and supportive environment. I have gained a greater confidence in structuring and developing training plans and have grown as a coach and improved my coaching habits. To any coach wanting to do their C-Licence, I can’t recommend it enough, especially women wanting to further their knowledge or their career in football. I believe we need more women in coaching roles within the sport and completing the C-Lcence will help empower more to take on these roles!”

– Patricia Faria


MWFA would like to wish all of these coaches the best with their coaching moving forward, and commend them for their commitment to the never ending process of learning and personal development.

Another C-Licence will take place at Cromer Park across January, February and March 2023. If you are keen to undertake the C-Licence course in the future, we would strongly encouraged you to attend official FA community coaching courses in the first instance as these are a great introduction and will help you prepare. See here for more information:



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