Finals Fixtures! 21st August 2022


It will be our first grand finals back at Cromer Park this Sunday since 2019 as our junior mixed teams battle it out for the KO Winners title.

Meanwhile the senior men will play their semi-finals on Saturday and the women, junior and senior, will play their semi-finals on Sunday, with all teams hoping to secure their spot for next weekends Grand Finals!

Junior Grand Finals Fixtures

Kick-OffLeagueHome TeamAway Team
Cromer Park Field 1
8:00am13/1St AugustinesBTH
9:15am14/1BTHCC Strikers
10:30am15/1BTHSt Augustines
12:00pm16/1St AugustinesForest Killarney
1:30pm18/1CC StrikersWakehurst
3:30pm21/1SeaforthCurl Curl B
Cromer Park 2
8am15/2CC StrikersMosman A
10:45am14/2CC StrikersAvalon
12:00pm16/2AvalonCurl Curl
1:45pm18/2Curl CurlCC Strikers
3:45pm21/2CC StrikersHarbord
Comer Park Field 3
8:00amU12/1BWakehurstForest Killarney
9:15amU12/2ADee WhyHarbord
10:30am13/2BTHCC Strikers
11:45am14/3Wakehurst BWakehurst A
1:15pm16/3BTHManly Vale B
3:15pm18/3Curl CurlNarrabeen A
Cromer Park Field 4
8:00am12/2BManly AllambieCC Strikers
9:15am12/3ABTHForest Killarney
1:15pm15/3ACC StrikersBTH
3:15pm18/4St Augustines ASt Augustines B
Cromer Park Field 5
8:00am12/3BPittwater BCC Strikers
9:15am12/4ACC StrikersMosman
10:30am12/4BSt AugustinesWakehurst
11:45am13/4Dee WhyCC Strikers
1:15pm15/3Manly AllambieBrookvale

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