MWFA Spotlight: Sam Cheesman

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Sam Cheesman has called BTH home since 2017 and her love and commitment for the club has only grown.

Sam first became involved in the club when her two children first started playing the wonderful sport, we all love. After a year Sam decided that she was always encouraging her children to try new things, but she had not led my example.

“Despite not ever playing before I joined the Women’s Over 35 competition to challenge myself for a bit of fun and fitness.” Sam said.

Another year rolled around and in 2019 she was wrangled into taking on the role of sub-junior coordinator.

“My role is welcoming new players to the club each year. I organise teams, coaches, and managers for the U6-U11 and W8 – W11 age bracket.

“I do all the pre-season, in season and post-season events involving sub-junior teams as well as support the coaches, managers and parents throughout the season.”

Sam also works behind the scenes to help with grading, and she even makes an appearance as a relief physiotherapist for the BTH Premier League team.

Just when you thought superwoman Sam could not do anymore, she somehow manages to fit in coaching and managing roles as well.

“I have been coaching or managing teams since I started and have done many MWFA coaching courses including, game leader courses, Mini Roos coaching certificate (6- 7-year-olds); Skills training coaching certificate (8 – 13 years); Game training coaching certificate (14+ years).”

This season Sam is coaching her son’s U10’s team whilst also helping coach her daughters W16/2’s and to top it all off, she is managing her other daughter’s U15/3’s team which she has previously coached.

“It is always a juggle, but I make sure I surround myself with a great group of parents and players that are always willing to get in and help out. I am only new at the sport and most of the time feel like I am just winging it but at least I am out there helping.”

From her role as sub-junior coordinator to coach to manager it is very clear that Sam has a great love for her BTH community.

“What I love most about being part of BTH is that over the years I have been able to watch the children in the club start as little kids running around the pitch with no clue and watch them progress into competent players through sub juniors and then into juniors.

“Becoming part of a community of friendly faces that turn into friends over time has been just one of the many benefits of becoming involved in club sport.” Sam said.

When asked what she would say to someone thinking about joining or volunteering for a club these were the words of wisdom Sam passed on.

“I would say, jump on in and give it a go. Community sport needs more members and volunteers. I know BTH would really love some more help (hint hint BTH members).

“As long as you are willing to spare some time and energy, volunteering is very rewarding. There is always a place for anyone with any skill set. I came into the club knowing very little about club sport or soccer; I was into cycling and martial arts – never played soccer, never even watched it, but you can always upskill and learn.

“I now have a love for soccer and have formed some great friends for life.”


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