MWFA Spotlight: Anthony Pollard

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Anthony Pollard has called St Matthews Farm home since 2008 when he joined the CC Strikers.

Like many others Anthony came to the club when he started coaching his son Joshua’s team, a role he held for many years and only recently taking a small step back to assistant coach. However, you will still find him heavily involved in most training and games days.

In 2011 when his other son James joined the CC Strikers community, of course Anthony had to jump on board as coach, a position he still holds to this day.

Deciding to take on a bigger role within the club Anthony Pollard took on one of the biggest roles available, Club President.

Having been in this role for many years now Anthony is always ready to help anyone around the club from committee member to players to parents.

Working all year round to ensure that players are ready for the season and are enjoying playing football, CC Strikers are grateful for his dedication saying, “he is a great representative of what community football is about!”.

However, Anthony does not do all this work for recognition or praise, he does it for the love of his club and to give back to his community.

“I love the friendships that I have made, and I enjoy meeting new people in the community and making connections. I also like seeing the enjoyment on players faces when the season starts.” Anthony said.

“I think people have a view of volunteering as something arduous. However, the opposite is true, being part of the Strikers is kind of like having a second family.”

“It also can be very rewarding being part of the club. It is also a good way to give something back to the community.”


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