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The growth and the success of the 2019 MWFA Future Coaches Program was one of the highlights of last year for MWFA Community Coach Development Manager Eugene Lawrenz.

“This was a special project to me, a bit of an experiment in a way, but I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome, and I’m looking forward to expanding the group this year and taking the program even further.” Eugene said.

4 of the 10 coaches who participated in the program are now working at NPL clubs (including 3 at Manly United), 2 have become FFA Coaching Course presenters, while 3 have now taken on the role of being a CCC (Club Coaching Coordinator).

There were also several coaches who had quite different experiences: one began their coaching journey in 2020 for the first time, another had his first experience coaching in Australia after moving here a few years ago having earlier coached overseas, while one took on an AL team 5 divisions higher than the previous season.

All 10 coaches learnt many references that could be applied to all sorts of different situations, and they all improved their football knowledge and coaching ability through challenging discussions and problem solving scenarios. There were also networking opportunities both within the group and through several special guests who attended, while many new friendships were created, with the group still staying in contact with each other to this day, often catching up socially in smaller groups to discuss football and even supporting each other at each other’s games.


“A must-do course for any aspiring coach. Coach development at it’s finest.”   – Jane Lillycrop


“It was a football mentoring course that changed my path, developing my self-awareness, and lifting my soft skills (essential for coaching) to the next level, while further developing my football knowledge.”   – Gonzalo Naya


“The Future Coaches Program was very rewarding, challenging and accelerated my football knowledge. I found it a great experience and would recommend it to any coaches that want to raise their bar.”   – Sai van Wegen


“The Future Coaches Program is excellent for those who want to elevate their football coaching knowledge. I don’t have the same way of thinking about football coaching after attending last year. It gave me a much better understanding about football coaching not only at local community level but high level football as well. The program pushed us in the right direction and I strongly recommend it to everyone who has a passion for football coaching.”   – Jorge Cabaco


“Discussing football issues is what you expect, but you understand during the course that your reflections are more focused on your limits, how to overcome them, and how to make them useful to not only be a football manager, but also to be mentor! This is what the program was for me.”   – Giuseppe Barillari


“Coach education is not all about learning new drills or understanding football strategies, it is more about learning how to manage your players and bring the best out of them. Eugene and this program will definitely put you on the right path to achieve this.”   – Kris Korkian


“The Future Coaches Program was rewarding on so many levels that you wouldn’t even think could be achieved during a coaching program: mindset, network, experiences etc.”   – Miguel Irribarren


“Eugene accelerated my football learning by years. He is a consummate professional who could teach anything. The Future Coaches program was as rewarding as it was challenging. This is the best course I have participated in over the last 30 years. My ‘football career’ as I call it now has helped me help others. This has given me a craft to practice and immeasurable joy.”   – David Kenney


“Looking back on the Future Coaches Program, it helped me progress not only my on-field coaching but my personal development as a human.”   – Liam Gerathy


“Be ready to step outside your comfort zone. Be ready to grow and learn.”   – Cristian Rivera


Applications for the 2020 MWFA Future Coaches Program close on October 27.

For more information and to apply, please see here: https://www.mwfa.com.au/2020/09/22/2020-future-coaches-program-applications-now-open/



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