Club Based Coach Development Still Going Strong

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MWFA would like to thank and recognise all of the hard work CCCs (Club Coaching Coordinators) put in this season to support their coaches and players.

Despite the challenges presented by COVID-19, many clubs in MWFA were still able to achieve good things and make progress with coach development in 2020.

A few clubs like Curl Curl for example made use of the lockdown period to create various new resources for both their players and coaches, in addition to sharing those put together by FFA and MWFA on their own websites. Some CCCs worked on creating coach development plans and mentoring their coaches more in depth than they would normally be able to do, like at Dee Why.

CCCs at clubs like Pittwater were able to be more active in terms of supporting coaches at training sessions and/or matches than in previous seasons, and some clubs such as CC Strikers were able to recruit more coaches to help out as CCCs and grow their coach development teams, either during this current season or in preparation for next year.

There were also a lot of clubs being proactive when it comes to courses and workshops. Seaforth for example were able to recruit a lot of current players to undertake coaching courses with a view to being involved as coaches next season, while clubs like Avalon and Forest Killarney also organised and hosted a large number of courses and workshops throughout pre-season and during the season, giving their coaches plenty of opportunities to upskill themselves. It is also worth recognising the efforts of several age coordinators and committee members from clubs such as Belrose and Wakehurst who were able to organise workshops at their clubs.

MWFA Community Coach Development Manager Eugene Lawrenz has been visiting a lot of clubs recently, including on match days, and was pleased with the number of coaches he saw at various grounds who have been through a course or workshop in the last couple of years.

Eugene said: “Overall I’m very happy with what I’m seeing in terms of coaching across all of the different clubs. It’s just a matter of continuing to work with the clubs to increase the number of coaches who are all on the same page, however it is also important to recognise intention, not just the outcome, because player development and also coach development is a long term process.” 


MWFA is proud to see the CCC program continuing to thrive and grow on the Northern Beaches, and looks forward to seeing even more success stories with player and coach development in 2021, with the number of clubs engaged in the CCC program continuing to expand. To find out who the CCCs at your club are, see here:

For more information about the CCC program, see here:




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