MWFA Club Coaching Coordinators


Jud HarrisonJohn KowtanDan Evans
Wes RyderRoss BrownSharna Barras
Gareth BanksAlex BrazeteRich Lacey
Paul TrecartinSue LawsonBrad Higgs
Shauna HawkesRyan DoidgeBilly Keir
With a background as a high level player in the US, I started coaching my son to share some of my experience. Now 4 years later it’s a passion of mine to continue understanding the game of soccer and incorporate it into coaching!I believe the CCC program is vital in enhancing the skills of grassroots coaches, and at FKFC we usually have anywhere between 6 to 8 C-Licence coaches typically looking after 1 or 2 age groups each
Richard EvansMiguel IrribarrenKris Korkian
My love and passion for the game has driven me to coach both futsal and football, refereeing, and mentoring other coaches through the CCC program. I am to develop my players to be the best they can be both on and off the pitchWhat brings me the most joy is bringing the best out of people, so that’s what I want to focus on with whatever I end up doing. I joined the FKFC CCC program in 2020 and will work with coaches in the junior girls age groups to help them improve, and consolidate a pathway for local girls
Kyle RobbinsJason GunnLouie Dinan
I joined Forest Killarney at 15 when my family moved to Sydney and began coaching not long after that. I coach three squads at the club and I am also committed to working as a CCC
Alex EpakisRocky GilesBen Collock
Jane LillycropBen AdamsPaul Boykos
Gary GilesJohn DennisonMark Albert
I have been coaching for 10 years across a variety of age groups and wanted to share my experience by supporting fellow coaches at Seaforth FC
Adrian RobertsKarl Wood