Manly United announces Training Compensation boost for grassroots MWFA Clubs

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18 August 2020

 Manly United has announced a ground-breaking agreement that will see grassroots clubs in the Manly Warringah Football Association receive a portion of any Training Compensation Manly United receives for players that started their career at local clubs on the Northern Beaches.

Under the current FIFA rules, Training Compensation is allocated to clubs that play a part in a players development from the age of 12.

Acknowledging that grassroots clubs play an important part in the formative years of development and the overall football eco-system in Australia, Manly United will pass down the tree a portion of the Training Compensation to the club/clubs that helped develop young players.

“Manly United recognises the part grassroots clubs play in the Australian football pyramid and believes it is only fair that local clubs, who play a critical first part in helping football players to fall in love with the game, should be recognised,” said Manly United CEO David Mason.

“There has been a lot of talk lately about uniting football and bringing the entire football ecosystem together and if we are serious about that it has to include the grassroots football community, which is home to 96% of Australia’s football players.”

The first club to benefit from the new scheme will be Wakehurst Football Club, which was the first club for former Manly United and Sydney FC teenager Cameron Peupion, who has signed to play for Brighton and Hove Albion Football Club in the English Premier League.

“Cameron started his football playing with Wakehurst and then joined Manly United as a 9-year-old, moved onto Sydney FC and is now about to live out a dream that started at Hews Parade and Lionel Watts Oval on the biggest stage of all,” Mason said. “We would like to thank Danny Townsend and Sydney FC for the way we worked together on a fair Training Compensation arrangement with Brighton but we believe that cooperation should go all the way back to his junior club.

“The Grassroots is always forgotten when Australian football thinks of the player pathway and just before he departed Australia Cameron came down to Cromer Park to spend some time with the SAP players and watched his mates play for Wakehurst before jetting off to England.”

Peupion said: “This is fantastic that Wakehurst has been recognised. It is my first club, it’s where I started to play my football and along with Manly and Sydney FC have helped me get to the point that I’m about to chase my dream in the Premier League. It’s great that all the people who have helped me have been recognised.”

Wakehurst Football Club President Greg Dick said: “This is a fantastic surprise and a great reward for Wakehurst Football Club. Cameron started his football with Wakehurst before moving onto Manly United and we think this new agreement is a tremendous recognition and reward for local clubs in the MWFA.

“Whilst Training Compensation applies from the age of 12 this agreement clearly demonstrates the MWFA’s leadership and commitment to the development of grassroots U6-U11 football.”


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