New Coaching Resources Available



MWFA is pleased to make a large number of new resources available to all coaches for free. We hope these will be useful to a lot of coaches during this current phase and even into the future.


Return to Play Video Library

These exercises have been taken from the FFA National Curriculum and adapted to fall within the guidelines for return to play. They are a suitable starting point for all age groups, and include videos, coaching tips and progressions with every exercise as well.

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New Isolation Training Videos

There are now even more isolation training ideas to add to those published a few weeks ago, taking the total number of clips on that page to 120. These can all be used for team training sessions as well.

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Football Fitness and Football Strength Videos

These two programs are suitable for teenagers and especially adults looking to get fit for the upcoming season.

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Homework Training Videos

Guidance for motivated players who want to spend extra time practicing at home on their own to develop their skills.

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Game Training Coaching Videos

These videos take you through the process of running a Game Training session (11v11 age groups). This will also be useful for coaches wanting to understand the expectations of a C-Licence final video assessment.

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