Mosman CCC Club of the Month for July


The CCC program is now in its third year in Manly Warringah, with the majority of clubs in the association proactively providing coach education and coach support/mentoring. This is something everyone in MWFA can be proud of, as most other parts of the country are still looking to implement this program.

CCCs, or Club Coach Coordinators, traditionally fill the role of Technical Director, Director of Coaching or Head of Coaching. Rather than creating an additional role, this program is simply a case of recognising the work they already do and giving them a consistent title from an MWFA and FFA perspective. This is a vital role at a club, as it provides coaches with ongoing guidance and advice during the season in their environment with their players, to compliment official coaching courses, or at least encourage coaches to reflect on their coaching and consider taking up further development opportunities. The most important thing is that the players have fun, develop their skills and have a positive experience in the game, and our CCCs deserve a lot of credit for the work they have done over the last couple of years in providing this support and helping their coaches achieve these outcomes.

For July, we want to give special recognition to Mosman FC.

Mosman have offered an extensive and wide range of development opportunities for their coaches this season, including hosting an ALDI MiniRoos Certificate, Skill Training Certificate and Game Leader course, as well as several in-house coach workshops. CCC James Webb was involved in delivering all of these, while also contributing to several other courses run by MWFA at Cromer Park earlier this year, and in general he has set a great example in terms of his commitment to improving himself as well as enhancing the programs run at the club.

Earlier this week, Mosman hosted its final workshop for the season in conjunction with Eugene Lawrenz from MWFA, which was well attended given the time of year, and very well received by both the coaches who came along, as well as the players who participated enthusiastically in the session. The club will be posting more details on their facebook page soon regarding the tips, key messages and feedback received on the night for other coaches in the club to pick up.

Mosman also provides a lot of support for coaches at their training sessions, with several noteworthy initiatives such as sending out weekly tips and suggestions, regularly having mentors available to offer guidance and assistance (who also set up the pitches for the parent volunteers before they arrive), as well as teams with multiple parent coaches working together for more collaboration, benefitting both the players and those coaches. The club also has a trainee coach program which has helped several young coaches develop their skills and experience, who also support teams at their training sessions as well.

MWFA is pleased to provide Mosman, like it did for Avalon, Dee Why and Curl Curl earlier this season, with coaching equipment from Pro Football Group as a reward for their efforts so far this season, which they can now pass on to their coaches to use. This includes several tactical whiteboards, pop up goals and flat training markers.

If you are a coach at Mosman and would like to receive support at your training from a CCC, please contact James Webb or Alex Epakis.

For more information about the CCC program, please see here:

If you arent sure if your club has any CCCs, we would definitely encourage you to find out!


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