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The CCC program is now in its third year in Manly Warringah, with the majority of clubs in the association proactively providing coach education and coach support/mentoring. This is something everyone in MWFA can be proud of, as most other parts of the country are still looking to implement this program.

CCCs, or Club Coach Coordinators, traditionally fill the role of Technical Director, Director of Coaching or Head of Coaching. Rather than creating an additional role, this program is simply a case of recognising the work they already do and giving them a consistent title from an MWFA and FFA perspective. This is a vital role at a club, as it provides coaches with ongoing guidance and advice during the season in their environment with their players, to compliment official coaching courses, or at least encourage coaches to reflect on their coaching and consider taking up further development opportunities. The most important thing is that the players have fun, develop their skills and have a positive experience in the game, and our CCCs deserve a lot of credit for the work they have done over the last couple of years in providing this support and helping their coaches achieve these outcomes.

For June, we want to give special recognition toCurl Curl FC.

Curl Curl have been very proactive with the CCC program for several years, but especially in 2019. So far this season, they have organised several of their own in-house workshops for their coaches, as well as both an FFA MiniRoos Certificate and FFA Skill Training Certificate, with CCCs Rich Lacey and Alex Brazete also assisting MWFA with several other courses run at Cromer Park. The club has 8 CCCs in total this year, and has been very supportive of the program overall, attending every MWFA CCC meeting and workshop.

In conjunction with Eugene from MWFA, Curl Curl recently hosted two very valuable workshops for their coaches with a specific focus on defending for both the SAP age group and then in an 11v11 context. 20 coaches from the club attended across both sessions, and Coaching Director Gareth Banks had this to say:

The coaches picked up two new sessions, but more importantly specific tips on how to keep players engaged, how to use the players as role models to create improved technique, how to get your sessions started quickly and how to ensure your session always involves player decision-making.Our coaches all said they would be keen to have another workshop and I have never seen our players so keen to defend.Valuable session all round”.

MWFA is pleased to provideCurl Curl, like it did for Avalon in April and Dee Why in May, with coaching equipment from Pro Football Group as a reward for their efforts so far this season, which they can now pass on to their coaches to use. This includes several tactical whiteboards, pop up goals and flat training markers.

If you are a coach atCurl Curland would like to receive support at your training from a CCC, please contact Gareth, Rich, Alex, Joe Jones, Brad Higgs, Paul Trecartin, Aaron Kemp or Sue Lawson.

For more information about the CCC program, please see here:

If you arent sure if your club has any CCCs, we would definitely encourage you to find out!



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