MWFA profile: Mark French


BELROSE Terrey Hills Raiders club president Mark French is the type of bloke you would love to share a beer with.

Initially hard to nail down for a chat, the business manager is relishing his first year in the hot seat.

“We pride ourselves on being a community club,” he said this week.

“Our numbers have increased to about 730 this season which has been pleasing, a few years ago it was well below that figure.

“In essence, we (committee) are a small group of volunteers looking to improve our facilities when possible as well as our coaching standards.

“These things don’t happen instantly, but I would definitely say the role (president) is worthwhile.”

Back in the day, French’s three children – Niki, Courtney and David -all wore yellow and blue.

The trio have moved on to pursue respective career opportunities, but the French family is still represented on the pitch by French’s wife Sharyn.

“And when the club is really desperate, I help out in goal for teams in the over 35s and 45s,” Mr French said.

“Long term, it is no secret we would love to have Premier League squads for both the men and women – it is a while off yet, but I’m confident we will achieve that goal.”

The Raiders, who produced Sydney FC CEO Danny Townsend as well as young Matildas striker Remy Siemsen, play out of Wyatt Ave and Terrey Hills Oval.

A future focus will be placed on improving numbers in the sub-juniors.

“It has to be, otherwise we won’t survive,” French said.

“I feel the club is on path to where we want to be, and it has been fun to have a hands on role.”



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