MWFA profile: Jenny Roberts


WHEN Jenny Roberts registered her son Ewan to play football for Curl Curl roughly a decade ago, she had no idea what would transpire.

After a few years watching her boy in green and gold, she answered a call to arms from the club committee.

“They needed a registrar, so I put my hand up,” Roberts said.

“I did that role for a while then had a go as secretary and as the competition secretary for six years.

“Another role I’ve enjoyed recently has been the Coaches Kit – it sees me order balls, bibs and cones on behalf of the entire club.

“I just love being involved, working with so many dedicated people, it is a bit like a family.”

Roberts, who was a physiotherapist before having her two children, also works as a bookkeeper.

“I like to keep busy, the work with the Curly committee is basically fulltime from January until the start of the season,” she said.

“As it stands, we have about 1300 members, our numbers continue to increase.

“The explosion of numbers among the girls especially has been remarkable.”

Roberts also revealed the life changing injury to former Wallaby Richard Tombs last year rocked the club to its core.

“It was tough for everyone, his resilience and determination has been inspirational,” she said.

“Seeing everyone unite for the cause (at Tombs’ recent gala night at Cromer Park) was amazing, it showed everyone just how important communities are when they band together.”


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