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HE might be nudging 40, but if you ask anyone in the Curl Curl MWFA Premier League squad, they wouldn’t swap Paul Nero for anyone.

The popular club captain left Brookvale a few years ago, seeking a new challenge in the men’s AL/1s competition based at Abbott Rd.

“(Coach) Anthony Seminara planted the seed a few years ago and I figured why not give it a go,” Nero said.

“It has probably taken a bit longer than we would have liked (to get promoted) but we are raring to go this year.

“We know it will be tough at times, we are realistic enough toknow we probably won’t win the league.

“As long as the boys enjoy the step up, I’ll be happy.”

Nero did admit he may get a tad emotional when he leads his team out to play Wakehurst this Saturday night at Cromer Park.

“It has been a long time coming for quite a few people,” he said.

“The guys behind the scenes, they know who they all are, this is for them as much as it is for the players.

“We just want to test ourselves against quality teams each week, and the Premier League will certainly provide that.”

Curl Curl have not graced the MWFA Premier League since the late 1990s, making this weekend versus the Tigers even morememorable.

“Theboys are keen to make a statement first up,” Nero said.

“Taking on the grand final winners from last seasonin round one is tough, but we welcome the challenge.”


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