MWFA profile: Luke Curnow


TO see whatleading CC Strikers means to Luke Curnow, all you had to do was watch him moments after the recent MWFA Challenge Cup final defeat at the hands of Brookvale.

The 25-year-old, who has the undoubtedbest left foot in the men’sMWFA Premier League, let out a frustrated scream at fulltimeas he knew a massive opportunity had gone begging.

“It was tough to take, 2-0 up at halftime, I guess it just wasn’t mean to be,” Curnow said when reflecting on the five-goal thriller at Cromer Park.

“I’m so proud to be the captain of the team, to have won a trophy would have been great.

“It just gives us more motivation tofinish top four over the next couple of weeks- after that, who knows what could happen.”

Curnow has been with CC Strikers in the MWFA Premier League since 2011.

A Manly United junior from under-11s to 18s, he eventuallydecided park football was his calling.

“My brother in law (Matt Smith) is there, and I love the team unity we have,” Curnow said.

“Even when we got relegated a few years ago, I was never going to leave.

“(Coach) Ryan Butcher, he was a big factor in me staying, his enthusiasm and passion for the club is there for everyone to see.

“I’ve also enjoyed my leadershiprole the past few years.”

Curnow was also happy to discuss his weight loss, which has made him such anightmare for opposing defendersto contain.

“I was definitely carrying a bit more than I should have been back in the day,” he said.

“Once the weight dropped off, I was determined to keep it off.

“It is like all the talk on the field about me onlyhaving a left foot, I just laugh it off, some of the chat is so funny.”

Away from football, Curnow is a mechanic with Col Crawford.

If CC Strikers manage to progress to the MWFA Premier Leaguebig dance late next month, watchCurnow closely if his team is triumphant.

You won’t find a happier footballer when it comes time to hoisting the silverware.



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