ALDI MiniRoos football is for fun

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Over the last week the MWFA has made some changes to the draw for players aged 9-11. The U8 draw will be changed in the next two weeks.

It has stirred debate, which is a good thing in our game.

The sole reason why teams are moved within groups after seven rounds is to try to alleviate lop-sided results and ensure all kids enjoy their football during the early years, which is a key component in keeping children in sport.

Teams and kids are driven away from playing sport when they constantly lose games 10-0.

At the other end of the scale if a group of kids are winning 10-0 on a regular basis it is not good for their enjoyment or development.

Closely contested games without competition tables is the best way to ensure kids enjoy their football in the formative years.

I hope all the kids continue to enjoy their football this weekend.


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