WPL Brookies Wonder woman

gill forster

GILL Foster can barely walk each Monday morning these days.

Besides the fact she is a qualified electrician, her weekends are jam packed.

On top of taking her son Bailey to his football games with St Augustine’s, the former Matildas and Manly United striker is still playing the world game, representing Brookvale in the women’s Premier League every Sunday afternoon.

Saturday’s are now taken up by of all things, AFL.

“I’ve wanted to give aussie rules a crack for a few years now,” Foster said.

“I am learning as I go, obviously it is pretty different to football.

“The bouncing of a different shape ball on the run has been interesting.

“Macquarie University have a ladies team, and I knew one of the girls there, Ash Carter, who used to play for Harbord (Seasiders United).

“At the moment I am playing in the midfield and loving it.”

Foster has always run her own race.

A few years ago she turned heads by playing for Manly Vale in the men’s AL/2s competition.

She just finished studying over three years, and come August commences work as a paramedic.



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