Pittwater WPL’s Push Up Challenge

Pittwater RSL's WPL team is participating in The Push Up Challenge to raise funds for mental health causes. Photo supplied by Kim French.

In June, the Pittwater RSL Women’s Premier League team is completing The Push Up Challenge to raise funding and awareness for mental health causes.

Funds raised will go towards three institutions who are working tirelessly to improve awareness in this space: Push For Better Foundation, Lifeline and Movember.

Over the course of 23 days, each participating individual will log up to 3,144 push ups, one for every Australian who lost their life during the 2021 calendar year due to mental health issues.

Click here for the Pittwater WPL donation page

Pittwater WPL player Mikayla Forder heard about this initiative via word of mouth and has worked hard to involve her teammates in this year’s challenge. She also recognises how much the team benefits when they collectively participate in these events.

“I originally heard of The Push Up Challenge last year when some of my friends did it. I know people who have dealt with mental health, so it’s an important cause that I’m passionate about. When I heard about it happening again this year, I thought it would be a fun and challenging thing to do while also raising money for such an important cause, especially for people my age and the same age as players in our team.

“I think it’s incredibly rewarding and gratifying to have the team backing me through this challenge. It has definitely helped me to continue when my arms are no longer working. I also think it was a great idea to get the team together and work for a goal. It helps to bring the team together and also through encouraging and supporting, we are building better connections and friendships.”

Forder is confident that the team can reach their fundraising target of $2,000.

“I wanted to set a realistic goal, but one that will also have a big impact on the fundraiser and cause, so this goal is definitely achievable. I’m just grateful to have a team that’s so open and willing to participate in a cause that’s so important. We can work together to raise the money and make the push up amount within this month.”

You can help Pittwater WPL reach (and hopefully exceed) their fundraising target by donating at the link below. We wish them the best of luck with both The Push Up Challenge and the remainder of their season.

Click here to help Pittwater’s WPL team reach their target!


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