Manly Warringah FA Coach Development Manager Eugene Lawrenz poses with participants from the March 2023 C-Licence course.

Manly Warringah Football Association in conjunction with Football NSW recently hosted its first C-Licence Coaching Course just in time for the 2023 Grassroots season kicking off shortly.

Cromer Park was the scene as the course kicked off on the 21st of January and ended on the 5th of March as lead presenter Eugene Lawrenz was accompanied by MWFA Coach Mentor Steve Hurd.

The course itself focused on introducing key processes around how to analyse football, as well as planning and preparing for training sessions, conducting training, as well as evaluating coaching process.

“We’ve hosted quite a few C-Licences here at MWFA now over the last few years, and it’s always great to work with and support the development of coaches who are motivated to raise their bar and give their players the best football experience possible,” said Lawrenz.

“In turn, my responsibility is to give the coaches the best experience possible when they come through these courses in terms of not only what they learn being as valuable and relevant as possible, but also the learning environment being positive, collaborative, and supportive.

“Our job across the country is to inspire these coaches, but also every coach regardless of their level or ambitions, so they can inspire their players.

“We are still trying to make Australia a World Leader in the World Game, and this requires all of us to work together to achieve that goal, to keep improving ourselves as well, and then giving our maximum effort in everything we do – all the same things we ask of our players.

“Hopefully if we lead by example, everyone else will follow, and then we will really start to see some progress.

“With the latest group of coaches who completed the C-Licence with us recently, I want to give them all credit for their efforts, willingness to get out of their comfort zones, and desire to improve. I’m confident they will do a great job, and I wish them the best of luck with their coaching moving forward,” ended Lawrenz.

2023 C-Licence Participants (Manly Warringah FA)

  • Paul McKenna
  • Emmanuel Rosas Heydari
  • Phoenix Waugh
  • Gregor Agic
  • Jadon Sugunarajan
  • Lachlan Finch
  • Hugo Jacoby
  • Lucas Brandow Vidal
  • Jesse Allison
  • Nina Salenave
  • Paul Murphy
  • Hiyori Kawaguchi
  • Joshua Wells
  • Samuel Fernandes
  • Mourad Selim
  • Sasha Vallaydam



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