MWFA to Host Women’s ‘World Cup’

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2023 is an exciting year for women’s football with Australia hosting the 2023 Women’s World Cup and to celebrate this historic event the MWFA will be hosting the MWFA Cup, a special tournament in July and August to create opportunities for young girls.

The MWFA Cup will see teams from 16 of the MWFA Clubs take part in a special tournament in U8 and U11 age groups that will replicate the format and excitement of the World Cup.

Clubs will select teams in the U8s and U11s, who will then be assigned countries competing in the World Cup and an official draw will take place to determine who plays who.

All games will be played on Cromer Park No. 1 in the afternoons the Matildas are due to play their matches throughout the tournament, culminating in the MWFA Cup Final.

An important part of the tournament is also giving young female coaches and referees a year-long program to assist with their development from their first course through to coaching and refereeing during the tournament.

The coaching courses and referees courses will be provided free of charge to 32 young aspiring female referees and 32 aspiring female coaches.

The collective goal of the MWFA, our clubs and the MWFRA (Referees) is to provide a wonderful tournament for 8 and 11-year-old girls that will also see the MWFA nurture and produce 32 young female referees and 32 young aspiring female coaches.

The process of putting together teams for the U8 and U11 tournament will not start until registrations are open and everyone has returned from the Summer break.

The MWFA are looking to include as many girls as possible in the tournament and so we are targeting 15 and 16 years old girls to start their referee journey and 17 and 18 year old girls to take up coaching positions.

These are the traditional starting ages for referees and coaches, however girls wanting to take part outside those age groups will be welcome to take part.

As part of the coach and referee programs for the year all girls will be put through the respective course, receive mentoring and experience throughout the 2023 winter MWFA season and enjoy special opportunities with professional female referees and coaches.

There is also an opportunity for any females who are interested in sports administration to be involved in the event and gain experience in various roles.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity to become a fully accredited coach or referee or being involved in the administration, please fill in the below expression of interest and the MWFA and your Club will be in touch in the coming months.

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