Grand Final Fixtures


We are gearing up for a huge weekend of Grand Final football here at Cromer Park!

Here are all the fixtures for the weekend!

Senior Men – Saturday 27th August

Kick-OffFieldLeagueHome Club NameAway Club Name
08:00Field 1O35 01Wakehurst Football ClubPittwater RSL FC
10:00Field 1AL 01RManly Allambie United Football ClubManly Vale FC
12:00Field 1PL 01RWakehurst Football ClubPittwater RSL FC
14:30Field 1AL 01Dee Why FCHarbord Football Club
17:00Field 1PL 01Pittwater RSL FCNarrabeen Football Club
08:30Field 2AL 02Narrabeen Football ClubBelrose-Terrey Hills Raiders SC
10:30Field 2O35 02Dee Why FCBelrose-Terrey Hills Raiders SC
12:30Field 2O35 03Harbord Football ClubSeaforth FC A
14:30Field 2O45 01Mosman Football Club AMosman Football Club B
08:30Field 3AL 03Brookvale FC APittwater RSL FC
10:30Field 3AL 06Manly Vale FCMosman Football Club
12:30Field 3O35 04Harbord Football ClubSeaforth FC A
14:30Field 3O45 02Beacon Hill FC AManly Vale FC B
08:30Field 4AL 04Manly Vale FCHarbord Football Club B
10:30Field 4AL 07Mosman Football Club AMosman Football Club B
12:30Field 4O35AWakehurst Football ClubForest Killarney FC A
14:30Field 4O45 03Beacon Hill FC BMosman Football Club
08:30Field 5AL 05Mosman Football ClubManly Vale FC
10:30Field 5AL 08Curl Curl FC BBelrose-Terrey Hills Raiders SC
12:30Field 5O35BMosman Football Club AForest Killarney FC B
14:30Field 5O45 04Narrabeen Football ClubForest Killarney FC


Junior & Senior Women – Sunday 28th August

StartFieldAgeDivHome Club NameAway Club Name
08:00Field 1W-1401Wakehurst Football ClubSeaforth FC A
09:15Field 1W-1501Pittwater RSL FCSeaforth FC
10:45Field 1W-1601Manly Vale FCBrookvale FC
12:30Field 1W-1801Wakehurst Football ClubCurl Curl FC
14:30Field 1W-PL01RManly Vale FCPittwater RSL FC
17:00Field 1W-PL01Seaforth FCManly Vale FC
08:00Field 2W-1201Avalon SCPittwater RSL FC
09:15Field 2W-1301Seaforth FC ACollaroy Cromer Strikers FC A
10:30Field 2W-1402Narrabeen Football ClubCurl Curl FC
12:00Field 2W-1602Curl Curl FCSeaforth FC
13:30Field 2W-AL01Curl Curl FCManly Vale FC A
15:30Field 2W-4001Curl Curl FC AWakehurst Football Club
08:00Field 3W-1202Narrabeen Football ClubPittwater RSL FC
09:15Field 3W-1302Harbord Football ClubAvalon SC
10:30Field 3W-1502Manly Vale FCMosman Football Club
12:00Field 3W-1802Manly Vale FCBeacon Hill FC
14:00Field 3W-AL02Pittwater RSL FC BAvalon SC B
16:00Field 3W-4002Narrabeen Football ClubCurl Curl FC
08:00Field 4W-1203Belrose-Terrey Hills Raiders SCAvalon SC
09:15Field 4W-1202Beacon Hill FCAvalon SC
10:30Field 4W-1403Narrabeen Football ClubAvalon SC A
12:00Field 4W-1803Avalon SCForest Killarney FC
14:00Field 4W-AL03Manly Vale FCBelrose-Terrey Hills Raiders SC
16:00Field 4W-4003Manly Allambie United Football Club AWakehurst Football Club
08:00Field 5W-1203Curl Curl FCCollaroy Cromer Strikers FC
09:15Field 5W-1303Seaforth FC ANarrabeen Football Club
10:30Field 5W-1303Avalon SCPittwater RSL FC
11:45Field 5W-1503Curl Curl FCBeacon Hill FC
13:15Field 5W-AL04Curl Curl FCWakehurst Football Club B

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