Ally Green Takes The Leap Across The Ditch And Around The World

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It has been one very busy time for Ally Green as she prepares for her next big footballing adventures.

The Harbord Seasiders United (now Harbord Football Club) and Manly United junior has joined the New Zealand international team, Ford Football Ferns, in their training camp this week whilst also announcing her move to Norwegian club Vålerenga FC.

The news of Green’s potential leap across the ditch came just before her Sydney FC grand final appearance, when she announced that she would be joining the Ferns in their training camp this month.

Currently in Townsville with the Ferns, Green has the opportunity to represent the Kiwi’s through her mother Lisa, who was born in Auckland, considering all goes well at the training camp.

Green is looking forward to the chance to take to the international stage once again, after representing Australia at the youth level.

“I’m hoping to get some quality training with the New Zealand team, learn new things from different coaches and peers. Then take everything I’ve been working on into the Norwegian league too.” Green said.

This dream of international football started young though from the moment she took to the field as a Harbord Seasiders United junior.

“When I started playing, I always aspired to play international football & be a part of major tournaments such as World Cup’s & Olympics.

“Harbord Seasiders have been with me since the start.

“First playing at the age of 5 years old with boys to joining Manly United they were the first club to really open me up to the world of football and this club will always hold a special meaning in my heart.”

It was at the age of nine that Green joined the Manly United family and is where she has been playing her football ever since.

Although joining Sydney FC 5 years ago, Green has continued to put on the Manly jersey in the A-League off season and she credits her time at Manly United to where she is today.

“Manly United has always played a big part in my development. I have been part of the club since I was in the development teams in under 10’s.

“The coaches and staff around the club have been instrumental in my career. Sharon Egger, Chris Williams, Tom Hopley & all the coaches from my junior years have taught me and supported with throughout this whole journey.

“I couldn’t be more thankful & lucky enough to have grown up in this club.”

Following her time in the New Zealand training camp the 23-year-old will take the long flight to Norway to enter the Europe footballing world as she joins Vålerenga FC for the rest of the 2022 season. However, this will mean that Manly United will need to say goodbye to their beloved junior.

“I’m eager to learn new styles of play & ultimately develop my game to another level. Playing with professionals from around the world will hopefully improve my game too. I’m certainly looking forward to experiencing their culture & exploring their country too.

“I have played for Manly United for many years, I believe 10 or more and so it will be surreal not putting that jersey on again but everyone from the club is so happy for me as this is always what I have wanted to achieve.”

Although a hard goodbye, Green knows that everyone at Harbord Football Club and Manly United are proud of her achievements and will be supporting her all the way.

“Thank you everyone, they know who they are, from Manly United, MWFA & Harbord Seasiders for the memories I will hold close to me forever.

“I wouldn’t be here without all the help and support I have received from coaches, staff, parents & supporters. Plus, all the girls I have played alongside for over 10 years, who are some of my longest & best friends. I’m so excited however for this next chapter!”

The MWFA and Manly United wish Ally all the best on her next chapter. We know she will do us all proud and we cannot wait to see what she achieves next.

Congratulations Ally on what is already an incredible football career, and we continue to cheer you on no matter where in the world you are.


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