Final Place in Men’s Premier League Sent to a Playoff

AL1 Vale v FK-4688 resize 2

The final place in the MWFA 2022 Men’s Premier League competition will be determined following a playoff between Forest Killarney Football Club and Manly Vale Football Club.

The match will be played at Cromer Park No 2 at 3pm on Saturday 26 February.

The playoff match will take place following official notification from Seaforth Football Club this morning that they will not be participating in the 2022 Men’s Premier League.

As per the process that had been tentatively put in place for the 2021 season, the final position in the 2022 Men’s Premier League will be filled after a playoff. These two clubs were the two highest-placed clubs (without a team in the 2022 Premier League) when the 2021 AL1 competition was abandoned.

The play-off match will be played under the below conditions:

  • Only players registered for Forest Killarney AL1s and Manly Vale AL1s for the 2022 competition (or be registered for 2022 and eligible to play under the MWFA borrowing rules) can take part in the match.
  • This match will be played under the Regular Season Men’s Premier League substitution rules
  • If the playoff match finishes in a draw after 90 minutes the game will go into extra time (2 x 15-minute periods) to determine a winner. If the game is still a draw at the end of extra time, the match (and the final place in the 2022 Men’s Premier League) will be determined by a penalty shoot out.

The MWFA will work with both clubs around logistics for the match.


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